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I name this piece ‘Tango’ because our dance looked like just one of the many dances, but it turns out to be the best that i have ever danced,



I would definitely want to come off as your best writer,


but not today since today i write because you come off as the fairest one.
For two to tango they say, more than one person or other entity are paired in an inextricably-related and active manner, occasionally with negative connotations.
The same guys say that tango is a dance which requires two partners moving in relation to each other, sometimes in tandem, sometimes in opposition.
Love, finding you was finding my kind. Grover Washington called it ‘Just the two of us’, i call us ‘two but one of a kind’ and i would bet on my life that that too would be a hit. Just as theatres and street barrel organs spread Tango from the suburbs to the working


-class slums, so has your amazing self crept into my heart and well got the exact pace as my blood to stand the throb and move to every part of my body.
I understand tandem is of essence and it has to thrive with a bit of opposition. Negative connotations will once in a while find their way but babe our Tango is fueled by the wonder each of us brings and that waters down all the negativity. I would’t deny i am a victim of your charm and the rythm of the dance but i am certain we will thrive even when the steps and tempo get faster.
Just as the styles are mostly danced in either open embrace, where lead and follow have space between their bodies, or close embrace, where the lead and follow connect either chest-to-chest (Argentine tango) or in the upper thigh, hip area (American and International tango), i will endeavor to always keep you close and when the embrace is open, i will trust that you will be fine.
I know where you want to Tango. You want to in a log cabin, you wouldn’t mind a tent and you definitely want to go organic. I want that that too. My medicine woman, you love nature, the f

orest, rituals, crystals, dream catchers and it fascinates me as much as it always get me excited. Tango targets 6 main areas considered to be important for high quality of life and successful aging: 1. physical exercise 2. social satisfaction 3. spirituality and mindfulness 4. cognition 5. meaningfulness 6. emotional and educational health. All this is you and if this is how you age then i want to age with you.Just like Tango conquered the w


orld, you have conquered mine and that is why i want to Tango with you. Again, i have the peace, i feel the love and i see the light.




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There is one thing people do not know about books. They are in two forms just like any other form of communication or art like the traditional acted plays and the screened movies. Of course writing is as old as that but not taken as traditional as the traditional play example. So theres an obvious difference that will change at the end the minds of those who will think i am wrong about my theory of books.

They are old too since they have been used at so different times in time but still old. Look at bible stories if you are christian or religious so even, people wrote scripture and books of the bible…or even the tablet which was a rock turned into a book by the power of the original writing which is seen and touchable in todays modernized but old kind slate, as seen from present day so called tablets which were purposely made as an innovative technology by one genius but religious entrepreneur who shamelessly tapped into the creation of a superior being who has so much advantage over others that he doesn’t mind when a smart lesser being takes advantage of one of the advantages(like a always silent kid of his father’s who sells part of his father’s land without consent and in turn buys their family bigger land in a place where people care about communal land and not the value it holds hence can lease it out for hundreds of years to wealthy strangers commonly referred to as investors(in this case its the silent kid who definitely has shocked his father but since he has always had a feeling that his son has something just decides to wait and undoubtedly gives him the benefit of a doubt; and thus having saved more than one generations, for a price half of what he sold his fathers land) to contain books(before his natural power of job creation opened the minds of lesser geniuses when it comes to that power of innovation and made them diversify to even introducing games, music and movies(which are also modernized traditional forms of art and communication). If you don’t believe me just look at the negative filter screen color kindle reader and to make it clearer download the 10 commandments and be on the page with the title ‘The 10 commandments’. Tell me if thats not a modernized way of showing the traditional slate the 10 commandments were written on.

Other books may show you the same, because some books are of times similar to the Greek mythology times which are only talked about with a lot of doubt from the many trillions of people born on this earth an4662e5b3-bab7-4e31-b841-fe8ac37cd9eed probably even in the after life. They just talk about things and lifestyles so ancient.

Other writings except the religious,  are of the art that demonstrated wisdom, theories, discoveries, definitions, explanations as to life and what is beyond still exist from those so old times. We had plays but
nowadays plays are films and those who remain doing it on the local scene are like baby Tarzan trying to beat his fellow kid gorillas who had their natural touch at everything a gorilla lives and survives by. Dean Koontz’ ‘Brother odd’ and Henrik Ibsen’s filmed play of his book ‘An enemy of the people’. The film only hits for a shorter time than fashion and trends. They forever remain only a result of what was first written. Look at George R. R Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’; book first then film. If you would watch a 1956 movie with a one scene of 55 minutes of soldiers fighting in world war 1 then you are strong and special. If you could choose that 1956 movie of one scene of one scene of 55 minutes of soldiers fighting in world war 1, over George R.R. Martin’s ‘Game of Thrones’ the book, then you are the unfortunate strong and special wildling.

Why are mores libraries being opened at arguably the same rate as even cinemas? Why aren’t more theatre being opened? Why aren’t there as many arenas like in ancient Greece but have arenas only in consoles?
(Taken from a chapter called ‘The libraries’ in my coming first book ‘Life for the Living’

Books are powerful. You know you will never enjoy the book in its virtual/digital image as much as your printed copy. There is power in books and that is why even God decides to speak through books and tablets. Mozart, Johann Sebastian Bach, Beethoven, Franz Schubert, Handel wrote their music and somehow it still has to be read on sheet even with digital technology has already taken over. Books thrive.

This has left me with no option but to have your one stop virtual ‘under the tree’ spot, but this time at whatever place you choose for your tree. Yes, you now even control the tree. I called it the Libranian. Get any book at a price not more than KES400 and get to choose from what is displayed at ‘The Libranian book shelves’. They are definitely not new  but again does it really matter? Does it change the content if its new? Won’t your kids read it when you have already read it?  It will be in a condition that allows you to read it anywhere even in meetings when you come in earlier than it was scheduled to start. You can take it out when caught in traffic on your way home or to work. You can have it delivered around Nairobi at your place of work or residence or wherever and whenever you want it(As long as its not in hell).
Watch out for the factual/theories/comic books/scifi/fiction/nature/animals/culture book store that has tapped some wave of the new era and set camp online these forms of media. Its ‘The Libranian’. Inbox me on facebook at The Libranian, Instagram @libranianke, email:libranianke@gmail.com or on twitter @thelibranian for any book you wish to add to your DIM(did it myself) bookshelf.

My Flock

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I would be lying to you both if i told you that i came up with this only today because It would seem amazingly sweet and insanely creative for a mind like mine. I can only say i have enjoyed these few months i have been writing about you because i have had a moment to always keep you close and think so deeply about you. One great amazing writer once told me in one of her great works that i should write my heart out even when i know it will only stay in my ‘drafts’ folder. She told me to write because my love stories give us hope and remind us what faith feels like. That i should write because God wants me to write to share, write to publish, write to erase, write to think and write to evolve. And that for goodness’ sake i shouldn’t stop writing. So i have written about you for very long but only today did i put that dot called a full stop only because its a special day for both of you. The main reason why i have done this for so long is because everyday with you two is a story and a whole new and interesting experience.

For you Lilian, thinking about you always gave me a temporary high and so i have been writing about you for the last four months because i realized it gives me a permanent high. Writing about you, be it in the text messages or in my virtual ‘dear diary’ has made me live my fantasies and only want to relive them over and over again with you. You are so curious to know what i have written about you so far but you wouldn’t admit it because you fear that i will pull that ‘bribe me’ tactic on you. Today i put all my weapons down because its a special day for you and so i will let you in on part of it.

“So Lilian i have thought about that first day i met you and feel like i had met you in another planet many light years away. If possibly we did not meet in that other planet many light years away then i dreamt of you in another life.Reality did not have to strike because it was already real enough and living the moment has brought forth something worth keeping. I have however always wondered if you crawled when you were young, when you lost your last milk tooth, when your mum stopped breast feeding you and when you spoke your first words. I know how crazy that sounds but for me its the only way to weave sense out of your lows. We could trade one day for you to be me and me to be you. That way you could understand everything and i too use my master key to open all your treasure chests. Art, music,creativity, game of thrones, laughter, eyebrows, hands and nails and that first nickname you had for me. I would not trade all that for anything offered by man…only fairies maybe ;-)”

For you Moses, writing about you gives me the same feeling you get when you know you are going to whoop someone so badly in chess right before you begin. It feels like writing a novel when you are so aware that it will be a best seller and the decision to be billionaire solely relies on the choice of whether you want to write the novel or not.

“So Moses, i wonder why you have always taken network connection problems as the sole reason why i take my time alone out of the house in the night. I know you have always thought that i am having my usual conversation time with miss Lilian. I cannot blame you however for that because i have never given you a reason to believe otherwise. So i begin writing about you Moses because you have been so instrumental in solving all those mysteries i have always had. Circumstances of how we met just stand in impressive isolation and so far i have seen what most people would say is a special definition of brotherhood. One where blood relations are bred and not naturally occurring but at the same time not any different. You have been there and i could say i have learnt a lot from you and also its amazing that the cogs finally found their match and the wheel is now moving. The fact that you know i know when you lie just completes everything. Perfection, honesty, dedicated, resident fundi, taekwondo maestro, rugby enthusiast, great coach, my good student. I am definitely keeping that.”happy-birthday-inspirational-quotes
With all that said i would like to let you know that i have thought this through and decided to treat this as just one of the works in the trilogy because i plan to keep you for as long as the heavens can allow. I do not know which order i should take to wish you a happy birthday but i know Moses would totally get me if his came second because he is and always will be my accomplice in plotting the great plan to be executed on the owner of the name that comes first. So Happy Birthday Lilian and Moses, . And yes, all that introduction was very appropriate, incase you are wondering. And for the complete copy of your stories, you can buy a copy each from me or you could buy one together and split the cost. 😉 .

“Let Me Be The Elements” @L_Marx7 https://medium.com/rezo-nation/let-me-be-the-elements-34a13106f3df

You are your posts

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Am looking at them. Should i keep them or should i not. This same fingers that type are the very same ones that put them there. What would be the point of bringing them down yet no one else put them there but i. We are such an undeserving creation of God yet He still gives us the chance to live on.  Its true he destroyed His first lot with a flood but He still had a pair of every species to live again. He didn’t destroy His creation. Why didn’t He? Why cant i too? I do not fret when cutting off a chicken’s head but shiver as my finger tries to hit delete. That time it felt so right to put them there and now that feeling of growing up and meeting new people who we think will not accept us when they see them, makes us want to get rid of them. Yes i know you noticed the shift from ‘I’ to ‘WE’ but before you correct me think about it. Before you act too righteous and holy, confess to your mirror about those things out there that you want that lady you met on your way home from work never to see. If you cared that much then why not take them down. When i look at my first, i have always had a tendency to flip through as fast as i can but with time i have learnt to count to five and i realize that the difference between reason and fear is just 5 seconds and that 5 seconds is enough to make you run away from yourself for the rest of your life. ‘I was young and stupid’ just sounds too stupid for a phrase. I think it should just be like the statement used to teach handwriting. Most people reading this will remember that ‘the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog’ has been used to teach us handwriting since it has all the letters of the alphabet and so it has a lot of meaning since it is used to teach. ‘I was young and stupid’ teaches nothing and so its in no way significant in anyone’s life and so anyone using it should be taken for rehab and treated just like hard drug addiction. My first picture on facebook was stupid and so was my first post on wordpress. My texts to the first girl i hit on were almost as ridiculous as the first picture Moses drew. Do not bother google by asking him who Moses is because you will never know him and if you do, then you will have to go through all 104,000,000 results on not only google alone but his other search engine friends. Moses is my best friend who i will tell you about in another post but point is he never drew as good as he does now. Very many of my starts have just been not amazing memories but awful experiences at the same time and am almost certain that so are yours. Why do we run from our past? Even Whitney Houston started before she then made it and then died. Even gold is nothing different from the soil when in its raw form but beautiful in its finished form. We could save ourselves a great deal if we embraced the fact that we have our beginnings. I do not want again to see men agoniz

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ing not giving attention to certain ladies when they were young and realizing later that they should have after seeing them all grown up and pretty. Everything you posted was you at some stage in your life. That is why there are grown ups to think and teach and children to listen and learn. That is why people rise up the ranks at their places of work and never start at the CEO positions. That is why our country started from the struggle for independence to freedom and later a developed state. You will forever be your posts. The mirror never lies and so does your past. I would advise that we keep them because they remind us where we have come from and the mistakes we made and even how good we were then. They guide. I say we show them to everyone.

2015 in review

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 860 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 14 trips to carry that many people.

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Its just not only a prayer…

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“Let us all join in the words of our school prayer,” they would lead us…

Have in thy keeping oh Lord our God, this school, that its work may be thorough and its life joyful. That from it we may go out strong in body, mind and character. Men who in thy na

me and power will serve their fellows faithfully. Through christ our Lord. Amen

Here I am possessing more than I even bargained for. At least I am strong in body but only from diseases and not visible strength from huge muscles. I am working on that though. I will serve my fellows faithfully and see if a 1926 prayer would fail. I do not see how anyone could try even questioning and doubting its power. I thought that in would be a new year’s resolution for those still finding one.

I got to tell you

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A few  minutes ago as I was doing the normal evening errand of serving the pigs their evening meal , and i sat for a moment to think and so decided to write to you first before serving them their water because the heart wants what it wants and its wise for me to respect that since its in line with what we stand for. You are a doctor but you are not only known to patients but to other healthy people more or equally as the adored business men in the town’s yellow pages. You only speak when you need to and how much what you say matters is just enough to hack sherlock Holmes. You have represented your colleagues in organisations pertaining your profession but still you remain more humble than those you represent. You even sacrifice the condition of your car as a result of the bad state of the roads there and even put up with the numerous weldings and fittings just to get upcountry to attend to the many patients at your local clinic. Tell anyone today to quit His job to be with his family and you will have no one to sell your raffle tickets to the next time you have your show but you did that for us and still made us not believe in our own might but in God’s. For even giving us a home where we lack nothing even in the absence of plenty. Remember you once told me that I would get to work late when I start working, just because of cartoon network. Cartoon taught me some really precious lessons and you must have heard me mention professor utonium, the maker and father of the powderpuff girls; the heroines of Townsville city. You are our professor utonium and you know what I mean by that. You are a leader naturally born and bred. If I have seen all that in the few years I have lived , then those who have been with you for a longer time saw that a very long time ago and they like ng for your leadership but you can only do as much. I told you I am a writer and that makes you professor utonium even more. Here is my blog keenwithkinuthia.WordPress.com and so you will find this whole text there because I think it feels awesome not just writing it but also reading it. So its my today’s post and my gift to you for the new year 2016 dad , for you and family and also those who think that I did not lie in this text. Happy new year 2016.

Your son,



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Rivers flow,waterfalls roll down,leaves fall and tears drop. Many say tears fall, tears flow and tears roll down but I wonder why they do not say rivers fall or leaves roll down and even right now you would accuse me of escaping making too much sense by not telling you that somewhere else in the world people say leaves drop and rivers roll down and if it turns out they are right; then I will bear the pain of drawing a knife through my right hand. They say in swahili that kuvunjika kwa mwiko sio mwisho wa kupika sima(the breaking of a cooking stick is not the end of cooking the meal made of maize flour). That was too literal but what the hell. I know my point is already home and that’s the beauty of reading what I write. So I will train my left hand to write even better than my wounded right and get this message to you. Why rivers do not roll down or leaves drop, or tears flow, or fall or roll down is the same reason a lion cannot immobilize its prey but instead of serving it hot and enjoying it with friends and relatives, it leaves it dying and goes to look for pastures to graze. I hop you have flipped the page the same time i did this time because that is just too opposite. In a game of cards, you are happy when you know you have THE ace of spades between your thumb and your index finger and if you lose it , you lose all the hope there was of winning and even that ace of cloves cannot help bring back that hope of a miracle happening and you winning. I know I almost lost you there or even already lost you but see we all want that ace of spades and so should we feel great when tears drop because if they roll down or fall, that would he Luke settling for an ace of cloves yet it doesn’t make us happy. When things go as they should we are happy, when rivers flow its normal and natural, when leaves fall, the four seasons are in good working terms. So let your tears drop and not roll down or flow because tears drop and they drop for joy. Kila ndege hutua mti aupendao(every bird perches at a tree of its choice). So with me you can cry for as many times as I make you because all I plan t do i

Another Random Post…

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